How to Feng Shui your small apartment in Houston

Whether you want to move in Houston or you have been living in it for a long time, you have to be aware of how stressful life in big cities can be. All starts from the moment you are looking for apartments in houston tx which are very hard to be found, especially in good locations. After finding an apartment you realise that you need to share the space with hundreds of other people who live in the same building as you, who share the same transport systems and who are doing their shopping in the same supermarket. The level of air pollution is very high in Houston because of the constant traffic and factories. The body electro-magnetic fields are changing because of using so much electricity, destroying your health. You can combat all these stressful factors by creating your own sanctuary in your home.

Don’t panic if you notice that Houston apartments are usually very small. Because rental apartments in Houston can be very expensive, maybe you can’t afford one and you will have to take a studio. That is not a problem when it comes to applying Feng Shui tips. It is true that you will have to deal with some challenges, but there are solutions that you might consider.

The biggest problem in small apartments and studios is there are no walls to separate the areas like kitchen from living room, living room from bedroom and so on and these walls are necessary to separate the Feng-Shui energies. Don’t panic and start to organize your things. Start with clutter clearing as you need to gain as much space as you can to create pathways of energy. Another saving solution is good lighting, vibrant colours and uplifting art. Make an effort of keeping the entryway clean. Avoid leaving your shoes at the door or hanging unnecessary clothing. Try to separate the sleeping area from the living room by using decorative objects and not the TV or computer. Choose your decorative objects depending on the energy you want to get: energy for your health or for money.

Mirrors are the cure for small spaces so use as many as you can. They attract more light making the room brighter and bigger. Choose large mirrors and use them whether for light reflection or to reflect a decorative object. As decorative objects you should choose to use tall plants. Tall plants make the space look bigger, but at the same time they oxygenate the air. They will bring a side of freshness to your home, so use as many as you can.

Besides decorating your apartment, it is necessary to create a healthy life balance. Be careful what you eat and how much water you drink. Demand yourself to eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. Also, go to the gym, liberate yourself from negative thoughts and start to explore life from a healthy point of view.