Making a garden at your balcony

Those of you who are living in apartments in Houston might feel disheartened that you are not able to grow your own vegetables. Well, there is nothing to worry about if you have a balcony or a patio which receives ample sunlight and you can water the plants regularly. Yes, you can have a vegetable garden with these three simple things. You need to take advantage of the spaces that you can get in the apartment.

Here are some tips for you if you are willing to have a garden in the Houston apartments.

Have the right place:

In most apartments abundant space is often not available, so it is important to find a proper place for the garden within the limited space available. Since vegetables need ample sunlight and without that the plants suffer, therefore, you need to have a space having ample sunlight; preferably the southernmost place of your balcony. If you do not have a south facing balcony, then you can do with the east or the west; however you need to see that the plants are getting sunlight directly.

Getting the right containers:

Since space is an important thing, and you need to get big harvest in your small balcony; consequently, you should use the railing of the balcony or the window boxes, as well. If you are planning to put the plants in window boxes, then find out whether there is a built-in water reservoir as that would hydrate the vegetables. Use recycled plastic containers instead of clay-pots, as clay pots absorb water. Also, look out for larger pots, since then you need to water your plants much lesser. The larger pots would also give more room to the plants for having sun exposure and also for breathing. For root vegetables get a pot whose depth is about two inches away from the roots of the plants. If the patio or the balcony is above, then you can use a pole from the ground and extend it to the roof or to the balcony.

The right planting medium:

In the stores you would find potting soil and containers having planting mixes. For making the right planting medium so that your plants receive both drainage and air flow, you should buy planting soil and mix it with peat, Perlite and peat moss. But those of you who have a garden center in the rental apartments in Houston tx, they can create growing medium by mixing soil and soil less planting.

Know what to grow:

It is important to search for a good place to grow plants for those living in rented apartments. This is because in these apartments space is less and it is difficult to find right places to get consistent sunlight. Therefore, if you have less sunlight in your apartment, then you should go for vegetables like radishes, lettuces which do not require much sun. Also once you plant the vegetables, you should water them regularly and that is an important task. If your apartment has less sunlight then you should water the plants in early morning so that there is enough time for the soil to absorb the water after getting proper sunlight.